A Magazine Is an iPad That Does Not Work

The new generation is waiting for new iPad-games. Modern education of children around the world increasingly relies on the search of simplified methods. Kids are so used to the tablet iPad, that magazines and books are not so interesting as electronic games. This can be seen and its advantages. Game is very easy to use. Simple movements of hands and fingers, even toddlers build pictures, puzzles and laid out the missing elements in their places. In addition, the plates themselves iPad have a touch screen, so the game is further simplified. There is no difficulty in pressing the buttons and incomprehensible things. All the action takes place directly on the screen. The child’s safety is provided by the principle of the touch screen from a technical point of view. They do not overload the child’s vision, they can keep a fairly close distance from the eyes and they will not bring harm (including ergonomics, of course. Books need to read at a distance from the eye too). Games have elements of large size, as kids love it. Outside iPads are completely safe, have a streamlined shape, no sharp angles, the display IPS LCD. This type of LCD displays that use active matrix, thin-film transistor-controlled.

Developing and training iPad games for the kids, generally focus on logical thinking, fine motor skills of hands, visual and auditory perception, attention span.

Printed publications are losing their relevance.

Based on materials www.theregister.co.uk


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