New book. iPad for Special Needs

When people hear a frightening diagnosis, it brings them into shock. Now they must learn to live with this further. To help develop social interaction and communication, people in the whole world use the iPad.

The iPad can be a very powerful tool for the special needs kids.  This handbook addresses not only why you should consider an iPad for your special needs user, but also which one to buy, the accessories that may be necessary for a special needs user – case, stylus, keyboards, switch access, Braille interfaces, wheelchair mounting and more – all with a particular focus on the special needs user. This book will also guide you through goal setting, basic and advanced set up options, finding apps and encouraging your user to interact with the iPad.

An autor Sami Rahman began using iPads to help own children with special needs, and he can tell you first-hand, getting started with mobile devices and apps for the purpose of improving the life of someone with a disability can be challenging. Among his many gifts, Sami is a determined father who saw a need in the community for a resource to help others get started with mobile devices. In the new book “Getting Started: iPads 4 Special Needs Book” an autor invites you to learn more about his vision for filling that need.  You can buy this book here.


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