“Black” PR VS the Law. Who will win?

A few months ago over the whole internet was a wave of indignation about unfair promotion of applications on the App Store.
Many developers promote their applications on the App Store using a “black PR” and botnets. Unauthorized use of this software is against the law in any country. The operating principle of such bots of course, no one of  “black” developers  won’t describe in details,  because it brings them money.  It is only known that the botnet has several thousand accounts and this “smart” software can even leave comments and ratings for applications. In the arsenal of a such bots is a large amount of templates, reviews with the general content which usually does not mention the name and details of the application. Customer reviews can have just the most generalized form. The Apple has learned about these facts and it started tracking software dishonest. In February 2012 it was known that 30% of applications in the TOPs were there illegally, and about 20 “black” optimizers work on the App Store. The customers leave comments in the forums and blogs, often complain that some of TOP apps after downloading are fake. This is especially true of free applications.
We should pay tribute to the developers of such “smart” software. But they violate at least two important points:
– Law on Consumer Protection;
– A Guidelines on Third-Party Marketing Services.
So… It’s not enough to have a clever head. It should also be able to find its proper use without violating the laws and rights of people.

Based on materials linuxinsider.com    cultofmac.com    iphones.ru


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