iPad & iPhone apps for kids. Using high technologies in preschool children’s education.

ipad iphone apps for kids

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Most of all children love to play. A playing child explores the reality surrounding him, his inner world. Playing develops infant’s senses, helping to accumulate visual, acoustical, tactile, gustatory sensations. This period lays foundation for child’s cognitive and physical activity.

As years pass, the play becomes more conscious, but its purpose – world knowledge – remains the same. While playing, a child recreates model of the surrounding environment, various situations, and tries on different roles.  But the game which has been thought up by the child does not necessarily its harmonious development. Therefore the joint game activity becomes the primary goal of parents at the given stage, allowing opening potential possibilities of the kid. Strangely enough, but adults should teach to play the child.

The brain of the child up to 3 years old is especially acquisitive to the outside information and can acquire it in large enough amounts. During this age period the basis of the future intelligence is formed. The intelligence is not only heredity, but also a result of mental loads and trainings. All of us can run, but world champions are those people who could sustain all necessary loads and trainings. So, being engaged with the child, don’t forget that the result will be directly proportional to the time spent and efforts done. And as primary activity of children at the given age stage is playing, the parents’ goal is to make this game as productive as possible without restraining thus interests of the child, considering all important points in the education of a harmoniously developed person. Scientists-physiologists have proved that fingers’ training stimulates development of certain zones of a brain which, in turn, influence on development of speech, mental activity, logic thinking, memory, visual and acoustical perception of the child, form child’s assiduity and ability to concentrate attention. And the development of leading arm’s fingers’ muscular power and coordination of movements of both arms are necessary for the future acquisition of writing skills.

  Zanymation Company unites teaching professionals and skilled software developers with the focused goal of helping parents to maximize their child’s learning abilities. The connectivity allows us to respond quickly to parental feedback. That feedback, constant updates and collaboration culture gives Zanymation the opportunity to put the best-of-breed innovative learning software into kids’ hands as fast as possible.

The set iPad and iPhone games and electron books helps working out of the general knowledge and informative skills of children of age of 1-7 years. A series of games from Zanymation is aimed at granting to children of advantage in formation, development of creative potential. Games are in Russian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages.

At the age from 1 year of life at kids grasping function of arms is already enough developed. They can lift from a floor large and small subjects by means of the big and index fingers.  To improve these skills, ability of development of a fine motility of arms, it is necessary to acquaint the child with subjects of different forms and sizes. That’s why Zanymation has created new iPad application with the touch screen Tappie Colorit 3.0Interactive game not only training, but also entertaining that is very much an important moment for children of 1-3 years old. Kids make the informative jobs based on the form or color. It promotes development of fine fingers motility, color perception, logical thinking, attention, and skills to compare of subjects on value, the form and color. Components of this game have bigger sizes and colors that are suitable for small kids. Playing together, parents can show to the kids how the small house is under construction of a triangle or a rectangle, distinguish that figures are differ, but even different subjects can have something general, for example, color.

It is a fun and educational application that has a multitude of fun puzzles for children to reveal. The “main” first puzzle starts out with a red circle, blue triangle, and yellow square that need to be dragged to a rows of grey circles, triangles, and squares that unlocks 1 of 8 learning games that include shape matching, color matching, size recognition, visual spatial puzzles, and categorization. Each of the 8 learning games increase in difficulty as you solve a level along with a variety of fun sounds and applause after each correct answer.

Toddlers love to play Tappie Colorit #1 video and #2 video

  Tappie Colorit  is outlined by colorful, but calm palette that does not overload child’s nervous system.  Tappie Colorit is so much simple and interesting and can be suitable and useful for children with special abilities also.


Download Tappie Colorit for iPad

Download for IPhone   

In this period begins intensive development of speech also. It’s very important to help kid with development of this difficult science, to talk to him, to ask the questions demanding the developed answer, to be interested in his opinion in different situations, to make him to come up an ideas and wishes by words instead facial expressions. Kids love fairy tales, funny stories. And if parents and kids will compose stories together, it will be even more interesting. That’s why Zanymation has carefully created one more iPad application for children from 1 year old and over. Bright colorful interactive game Tappie Games 4.0  with touch screen refines skills of movement and coordination kid trains fine motility of hands.

 Game includes four screen images of nature scenes. Moving subjects, animals, fruits, parents can tell fairy tales and stories, so help development the child’s imagination, to study different animals in their native habitat, plants, seasons. From the start child have to rub the screen with a finger and to dispel the fog to activate a scene. Appear funny animals, bugs, which kid can move with his finger across the screen. Every action on the screen accompanied by the appropriate sound, for example bees buzzing, rustling wings. To move to the next scene, click on the leaf in the corner. New scene includes new animals. After the fourth scene the game starts from the beginning but with more animals. The game includes a series of three such circles. A child isn’t given a certain amount of time to play with the one screen before it changes; he can play as long as he likes!

 Kids like to talk, listen to, to watch adults’ actions and to take in their part. Tappie Games will bring real pleasure to children and their parents in joint game by all means.

Tappie Games is simple and funny and can be suitable and useful for children with special abilities also. It brings great pleasure to the child and maximizes a communication with parents. Your child will love it!

Download Tappie Games for iPad
Download for IPhone

For children aged 4-5 years work and play – it’s the same thing. Children are happy to be included in the game play easily solve complex problems, finding answers to difficult questions. Games are taught to reason, invent, to prove and, therefore, develop intelligence, thought, and imagination – all those processes, which in future will help children to successfully master the curriculum. Games for children from 4 years to enthrall children new and exciting jobs form of organization and independence, to prepare for school, and discover the joy of knowledge co-creation.

Namely all these important moments Zanymation Company has taken into account when creating applications iPad Tappie Puzzles 7.0.  Interactive game with a touch screen for children ages 4 and older. Children are invited to pave the way across the world from the icy expanses of the Arctic to the hot desert. In each new animated scene kids will have to fill in the blank area of the missing elements by dragging and dropping images, for example, to reconstruct the bridge for the monkey or polar bear’s house. Upon completion of the reconstruction of the integrity of the pictures triggered an animated transition to the next stage.

There are two types of puzzles in this app. The first is the standard whole picture puzzle, similar to a real life puzzles. The second is finding the missing pieces to complete the picture. Children can find the missing piece to complete the polar bears igloo, fix the ice, and build the monkeys bridge. There is a little cube on the home screen that allows the user to easily switch between 6 and 12 piece puzzles. Tappe Puzzles features vivid animation, graphics and sound effects. Children will enjoy seeing the puzzles come to life. They can easily find the puzzle they wanted and change the size of the puzzle themselves. The illustrations used are bright and nice to look at, and wonderful ambient sound effects are used that correspond to each theme.

Download Tappie Puzzles for iPad
Download for IPhone

No people untalented, there are people with undisclosed capacity. Don’t be lazy to spend a time and energy for child development, implement the educational processes together right now to raise a decent kid personality for the sake of his future.


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