Free iPhone App for kids. Tappie Puzzles Mobile

SALE from $0.99 to FREE.

  Mobile version of the popular children animated puzzle game from developer ADUK GmbH/Zanymation.
Tappie Puzzles Mobile is the touch-screen application suitable for children aged 3+.

Children are encouraged to navigate their way around the world from the icy extremes of the Arctic to the heat of the desert. In each animated scene visited, children will find crucial parts of the picture missing. The challenge is to solve puzzles by matching shapes to the missing areas. By using the drag and drop technique, the scene can be completed and further animation of the characters in the scene is triggered.

There are two types of puzzles in this app. The first is the standard whole picture puzzle, similar to a real life puzzles. The second is finding the missing pieces to complete the picture. Children can find the missing piece to complete the polar bears igloo, fix the ice, and build the monkeys bridge. There is a little cube on the home screen that allows the user to easily switch between 6 and 12 piece puzzles. Tappe Puzzles features vivid animation, graphics and sound effects. Children will enjoy seeing the puzzles come to life. They can easily find the puzzle they wanted and change the size of the puzzle themselves.

The illustrations used are bright and nice to look at, and wonderful ambient sound effects are used that correspond to each theme.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Category: Games
Version: 7.2
Size: 85.0 MB

Purchase and downloads FREE 

iPad version  $1.99



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