Apps for Reading Disabilities

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PLEASE NOTE: before you download applications check their prices. We are not responsible for the price changes of apps  from other developers.

1. Speak it! Text to Speech ($1.99, iPhone/iPad)  – is a great text-to-speech solution that can allow students with reading disabilities to get a little help with reading when they need it.

2. Dyslexia* ($1.99, iPad) – explaining dyslexia to a child can be hard, but this application can make it a little easier. It’s an interactive children’s book that helps students to understand dyslexia and become empowered to overcome their learning disability. iPhone version is $1.99.

3. Prizmo ($9.99, iPhone) – users can scan in any kind of text document and have the program read it out loud, which can be a big help to those who struggle with reading.

4. Blio (Free, iPhone/iPad) – offers all the same features of any basic e-reader, and also a few things that make it unique. Through synchronized highlighting and a serial presentation view, the app helps those with reading disabilities make sense of the text, something many other similar apps don’t offer.

5. Find the Letters HD ($4.99, iPad) – this app asks learners to find letters and numbers in a coloring grid. It helps build skills in spatial positioning, depth orientation, form discrimination, and concentration and attention.

6. Sentence Builder ($5.99, iPhone)  – elementary school children will learn how to build grammatically correct sentences, with a special focus on using connector words.

7. American Wordspeller ($4.99, iPhone)  – looking up a word in a dictionary isn’t that simple if you have no idea how to spell it. This app removes that problem and employs a method that lets you much more easily pinpoint how to spell just about any word.

8. Word Wizard ($2.99, iPhone/iPad) – this word-focused app lets kids hear the sounds of letters and words through a movable alphabet while also engaging them in spelling practice and games.

9. First Words Sampler (Free, iPhone/iPad) – preschoolers with a reading disability can get a head start on improving their skills with this app that teaches them about letters and words using fun graphics and sounds.

10. ABC PocketPhonics ($2.99, iPhone/iPad) – using analogy phonics (or word families) this application teaches young learners to see and hear the patterns of commonality in a set of words. With flashcards, spelling words, scrambled words, and games, this app is a must-have for helping students.


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