Free app The Ugly Duckling. Fairy Tales for Clever Kids

 There is no human who doesn’t know famous fairy tale “The Ugly Duckling” by H. C. Andersen. Here is the new free iphone/ipad application for kids from the set of the “Fairy Tales for Clever Kids” by developer Stanislav Ustymenko. This is a nice app with bright pictures. On the main page you can choose one of four languages: English, French, German, Russian.

 Every scene contains not voiced text with colorful illustrations so parents should read the tale themselves. And all pages of this book contains questions that child has to answer to turn the page to the next scene. Correct answers are accompanied by pleasant sounds and a button “to turn the page” becomes an active. A few subjects for correct answers are interactive. Some questions on the content of this tale, that’s why this app is training the child’s attention. And some questions are on the logic – to choose correct interactive subject, so app is training a logical thinking also.

When in the happy end the duckling becomes a beautiful swan, sounds long melody which children love very much.

So, this is a new free app and now available in the App Store, category: Books

Download it free


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