Apps for school. Help with homework

Here are apps that can help students to solve the problems with some subjects in a school or home. And apps for keeping  track homework, for self-organization.

PLEASE NOTE: before you download applications please check their prices. We are not responsible for the price changes of apps  from other developers.

1. iHomework ($0.99, iPhone/iPad) – allows students to keep track of their assignments for each class, manage projects, and stay on top of due dates for those assignments.

2. FlashCards++ ($3.99, iPhone/iPad) – allows kids or parents to create their own flashcards for study purposes, this app can help kids from kindergarten to senior year study and retain information. Your created cards can be backed up with Dropbox to prevent data loss.

3. Grammar Guide ($0.99, iPhone) – you can put a powerful reference tool in your kids’ hands, allowing them to look up anything they’re not sure about on the spot. Put an end to essays covered in red marks.

4. The Chemical Touch (free, iPhone) – sometimes all you need is simply a periodic table.

5. Mild EleMints 2 (free, iPad) –  is the interactive periodic table that can plot graph; electron diagram; other information. Really great!

6. Free Graphing Calculator (free, iPhone/iPad) – includes algebra, differential and integral calculus, geometry, trigonometry, vectors, vector calculus, and classical mechanics.

7. myHomework (free, iPhone/iPad) –  free app for managing assignments and test dates. This app can sync with the dedicated website to allow desktop access as well mobile management.

8. iStudiez Pro ($0.99, iPhone/iPad) – allow your child to manage their homework assignments and class schedules, makes monitoring and tracking grade point averages and alerts easy. This app is directed largely at students on the collegiate level but can be easily adapted for high school users.

9. Dictionary & Thesaurus ($2.99, iPhone) – a comprehensive and exhaustive dictionary in your child’s pocket. Also provides audio pronunciation assistance and allows kids to shake their phone for random words, which is a powerful vocabulary-building tool.

10. Mathemagics – Easy Algebra Fast ($1.99, iPhone/iPad) – easily master once difficult calculations as you watch and learn from the animated steps in every lesson. Practice each technique as you progress through various levels of proficiency and gain achievements along the way. Randomly generated questions ensure an endless ability to practice and have fun.

11. 2Do: Tasks Done in Style ($9.99, iPhone/iPad) – the winner of several awards, this app is well worth its relatively steep price tag. Sync your tasks with Dropbox, iCloud Reminders and Yahoo! Calendar, just to name a few. Siri will also add reminders for you through iCloud sync, allowing you to manage and edit your tasks in a multitude of ways.

12. List Master ($7.99, iPhone/iPad) – you can make the perfect Grocery List, Password List, To Do List etc. This is your perfect personal database. You get to decide exactly what type of information you want to store in your lists and categorize your lists to keep personal and professional tasks separate, and share them via email in .csv format.

13. ListPro ($4.99, iPhone) – offers more than 40 templates that are fully customizable, and the ability to build your more elaborate to-do lists on a desktop version that transfers seamlessly to your iPhone.

14. Toodledo ($1.99, iPhone/iPad) – offers more than 40 templates that are fully customizable, and the ability to build your more elaborate to-do lists on a desktop version that transfers seamlessly to your iPhone.

15. Errands – To Do List (free, iPhone/iPad) – is an easy-to-use task manager that allows you to set reminders, customize your folders, and organize tasks in whatever manner works best for you. Premium users also have the option of syncing their Errands lists on multiple iOS devices.

16. World Atlas HD ($0.99, iPad) – every student needs to refer to an atlas from time to time. Atlas from National Geographic – what can be better?

17. Wikipanion (free, iPhone) – quick and easy way to get information about just about anything. Streamline your browsing with history grouped by visit date, and bookmarking that not only bookmarks individual entries, but individual sections within an entry.

18. Graphing Calculator HD ($1.99, iPad) – faithfully recreates the feature-set of the Texas Instruments TI83 graphing calculator on the iPhone, and for 99 cents, it does so for a lot less dough. This app turns your iPad into an intuitive high-resolution function plotter and scientific calculator.

19. AP Biology Vocabulary Review ($0.99, iPhone/iPad) – includes all vocabulary words for the College Board AP Biology course. This can be used with any textbook but is designed with the Campbell Biology series.

20. Science Reader App (free, iPad) – puts the latest news, analysis and pioneering research in your hands, wherever you go. Read news, abstracts, career advice, and highlights from our newest journals, Science Signaling and Science Translational Medicine. Plus, AAAS members can access full text articles from Science. Very useful app for students which keep a hand on the pulse of a Life.

A material is provided partially by and We hope these apps will help you to get more success in an education!


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