New Logical Puzzle Game “Silly Snails”

An amazing puzzle game that develops a logical thinking by developer Oleksii Barbashov. There are two scenes from the start “Walk alone” and “Joint walk” in this game. Every scene contains 12 blocked levels. You have to help snails to get their houses of correct colors – red snail to red house, blue snail to blue house and so on. The snails can move on the straight line only and cannot move by zigzag way. It is not as easy as you can think from the beginning. And not always snails have a spare place on the lines where they can wait out until another snail will free a needed way. So you should make your brain to work actively 🙂 and to think which way to mix their roads alternately. You can feed the snails fruits of the matching colors, and then the snails move 3 times faster, and you get the time advantage for manipulation with other snails. Complexity of levels increases with each next level. When the next level is complete you get prizes. The game has the statistics of your progress over time, number of moves, prizes and number of eaten fruits. Also you can regulate Sound and Music on/off, and to click the button “Reset game” in the Settings to start the game as the New. All levels become blocked again.

This game is bright, colorful application, and accompanied by funny sounds that emit the snails. The game has no in-app purchases, ads links, so nothing will prevent you to enjoy this app. We are sure you can spend a long time with “Silly snails”. This game is for the whole family, interesting for teens and adults.

You can choose the HD version for $2.99 or usual version for $0.99 in the iTunes.



Silly Snails HD ($2.99, iPhone/iPad)



Silly Snails ($0.99, iPhone/iPad)


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