The Blue Jackal in America

The Blue Jackal in America

TheBlueJackal_icon I guess everybody knows the Story of the Blue Jackal when he looked for a food in the village close to the jungle. The local dogs chased him away and the Jackal was going fell into a bucket of indigo dye outside the home of the cloth dyer. What’s happened later you can read here ($ 0.99, iPhone / iPad).

So, here is the new Story of the Blue Jackal in America by developer Five Axioms Inc.

This is a bright colorful new e-book for kids about the adventures of the famous Blue Jackal. On this time we are going along with the characters on a journey across the Atlantic to America! This book will be an interesting to children of all ages – from toddlers and preschoolers to elementary school children. Here’s why:

– The heroes of the book are the savannah animals, which sometimes emit their natural sounds. It is an educational element for the kids;

– All animals are interactive – they run, jump, fly, hide in a hole, they dive into the water and much more. It’s like a cartoon almost, which the kids can control themselves by touching with a finger to the heroes;

– Some inanimate objects also are interactive just to make the story more exciting and realistic. For example, a windmill can spin or water is flowing with the corresponding natural sounds;

– Familiarity with the sights of New York – Battery Park, Freedom Tower, Trinity Church, Central Park, Niagara Falls, and the biggest streets Wall Street, Broadway Street and other interesting views of the City. It will be informative for primary school children;

– Professional and lively audio narration – choice of male or female narrators;

– Dialogues animals are depicted as in the comics, in the form of clouds. Touch each of them to see the clouds. A text is sounded by animals’ voices.

There are 28 pages in this book. Each page has a text that parents can read by themselves without professional sound with the placement of the intonation that would be the most comfortable for their kids. To turn off the narration press the button in the bottom left corner of the screen “Narration” On / Off.

In the book, it is possible to turn the pages in three ways: click on the arrow to the right (forward) and the left (backward), turns the page with your finger, as in this book or the slider menu at the bottom of the screen – provides access to any selected page. These are cool features for an e-book!

Also in the book is fun surprises for children. For example, you can shake the Christmas tree, that toys rained down. For that there are clues in the top right corner of the screen.

History of the Blue Jackal love for children and adults. This is a fun educational and entertainment applications. The book contains not only a colorful illustration and fun story, but also a morality in the end of the story about how much it is important for friends to be together to find solutions to difficult situations. Friendship – is a mutual aid. And if the first story about the Blue Jackals was ended sadly for him (he had fled into the jungle and was caught by hunters with other animals to get them to work in the circus), this story has a happy end. When animals are in trouble, they constitute a plan to help each other together to get a  freedom again and go back home to the jungle. And seems this is a not last story about The Blue Jackal! Animals dream to ride to trip along whole Europe.

Apart from the main story of the book Blue Jackals have another funny story about a hunter narrated by Jackal. It has a funny visual moments that cause a smile. Therefore we can say, in this book you get two stories for the price of one. You certainly will be happy to have this app on your devices!

And a very important point for the children’s application: the book does not contain an extraneous annoying ads.


So you will get:

– An educational and fun book;

– 2 in 1 story;

– Great pleasure to spend a nice time with your child!

Purchase and download “The Blue Jackal in America”

Category: Books

Size: 75.3 MB

Languages: English, French, Hindi.

Devices: iPhone / iPad.

Requires: iOS 5.0 or later.

Price: $ 0.99

Enjoy this book! 🙂

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