New Educational App ‘Weather and Clock for Kids’






Weather and Clock for Kids

Weather and Clock for Kids Kidoteca  Weather and Clock for Kids ($0.99, iPhone|iPad) is an absolutely new educational app for small kids by developer Kidoteca!

Learning program in this application is available in four languages ​​- English, French, Russian and Portuguese.

In this application, your child will learn to recognize the temperature and the weather outside, the weather for the week with the active component TV-set, to determine correctly the time, to watch and learn the days of the week. Even if your child still cannot read, he\she can learn all these things! The application contains an intuitive interface and sound. A child can choose any country with finger-pointer and find the weather there at the current time.

There are two types of clocks in this app: with electronic and mechanical. When you touch them with finger, mouse properly announce the time by funny voice. In the frame on the wall you will find correct day of the week.

It is important to notice! Time, weather and days of the week are determined in real time, so the application needs to connect to the Internet via GPS or wi-fi, to obtain the correct data. By the way, thanks to this, parents can even try to follow along with the child for climate in other countries and gain useful educational information.

You can also play with the objects in the room on the screen – move the chess, “eat food”, light up the fire, turn the TV and the radio, open and close a window.

Another interesting point in the game: the mouse changes his clothes according to weather conditions, and a food on the table corresponds to the correct time of day. When a food ends up, you can see new interactive items on the table. Wallpaper on the walls in the room changes randomly to make this app more fun and interesting.

Good information for parents: the application does not contain extraneous advertising and integrated shopping, so a child can safely play and learn, and parents will not have to worry about unwanted downloads and purchases.

Weather and Clock for Kids is a very useful, fun and interesting application. Not only kids will be satisfied, but their parents also. From now on this application is available in the App Store. Try it!



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