KidsCross is an amazing pastime for kids


KidsCross_icon   KidsCross ($0.99, iPad) is an educational app for kids of 3-7 years old by developer Babak Hosseinali Khani. This app will help your child learn to spell words of animals, fruits and vegetables.

So, KidsCross consist of two categories:

1. Animals – 4 pages, 12 words.

2. Fruits and vegetables – 3 pages, 13 words.

The app has a virtual voiced keyboard that will guide your child and help to find correct letter if he’s wrong. The correct letter becomes bigger.

Near each word the child can see an image of animal or fruit/vegetable that he should write, and if to touch an image, a woman’s voice sounds name of the subject.

When the child finished all words on each page, the app is opening a hidden vertical word. This element will stimulate your kid very much to complete every page!

On the main page there is Settings button where you can choose a language and one of three difficulty levels:

1. Easy – virtual keyboard is showing only necessary letters for every word. The child touches cells in the word, listen to a letter which must be on this place, and everything he needs is just to click the letters in order on keyboard. The rest of letters are invisible.

2. Normal – cells in words are voiced also but now all alphabet is visible on the virtual keyboard.

3. Hard – if you touch an image, woman’s voice sounds it name but cells in words are not voiced. The child need listen and choose correct letter among all visible letters on the keyboard. And the same if he presses the wrong letter three times the correct letter is enlarged on the keyboard.   This feature is available at all difficulty levels.

In the right corner there is a reset button, so you can start the same page from the beginning at any time. In the left corner there is a home button, so you can return on the main scene and to choose another category.

Personally I would love to see new scenes in the future updates because my 6 year son spent about 1 hour with this app. Our main language is not English, and I have to say I’m really glad that he can learn English words himself just using this app even without usual mom’s help. It teaches to be self. Of course, it doesn’t mean you can stop own lessons with your child 🙂 Every letter, every image, every completed word is voiced, so this is much important for me that my child could study correct English pronunciation.

KidsCross is available in English, German and Swedish, so you can study with your child some new words in other languages also. At least for the general development.

There have no in-app purchases, so you shouldn’t be afraid that your child will spend money for needless things.  I’m sure you will back to this wonderful application again and again.

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