ZOOLA Animals Deluxe – Animal game for babies and toddlers


Zoola icon

$1.99 iPhone/iPad

Today we consider the learning game for kids ZOOLA Animals Deluxe from developer INBAL Tal.

The game is suitable for children of all ages who love animals. The game features Farm animals, Safari animals and Forest animals. In each category, you will see the 9 images of animals. For each animal are several functions.

Clicking on the image of the animal opens to a large picture on the full screen, and the animal makes a sound as it “speaks” in nature, and the human voice pronounces the name of the animal.

Under the image of the animal on the screen, you will see three buttons:

1. Food. The menu opens with which the child will learn that he loves to eat the animal in the picture and will be able to feed him. In this function, there is animation – animals chew and crunch food!

2. On the second button you can nurse a baby animals in this category, for example, give him a pacifier or a child’s toy. This feature also has an appropriate sound and animation.

3. The third button for animals dandies and ladies! You can wear a hat, dress up in animal costumes and dress and decorate them with different accessories.

There is also a button to return to the menu in the animal category. From any menu, you can get to a different category of animals.

Application ZOOLA Animals Deluxe is easy to use for children of any age and is easily perceived. Young children will learn many of the animals, their babies, find out what they eat. And the older children can have fun using the advanced features of the application.

Find out more about the app here.

The developer submitted a comprehensive description of the game. I can only add that you will spend $ 1.99 not in vain. Your kids will be pleased. I liked that despite the real photos of animals, there is used an animation in the app. Also loved the scenes where the animals can dress – so cute and funny!

Another important moment: animal sounds are really realistic in contrast to many applications in which developers are making similar sounds.

This educational application gets 5 stars definitely!


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