Live Puzzle! Forest Animals – game and education





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 Live Puzzle! Forest Animal (free, iPhone/iPad) – new great application for kids to relax and spend pleasantly time in summer holidays by developer Kidoteca. All scenes in this app are animated. They are live and go on to move even if the child in processing to complete whole picture.

On main screen you can choose one of 10 languages: Portuguese, English, French, Russian, Korean, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese.

The game features 12 kinds of wild animals. There are 4 levels of difficulty: 4, 9, 16 and 20 puzzle pieces. Every time when you complete each scene, just touch in the center of screen, and you will see the animal’s name in bottom. When you touch this word, you can hear how it sounds. If you wish you can On/Off the sound by button in a left corner. So this app is not just a game – it is an educational application I would say. Because you can learn the forest animals’ names in different ten languages. Personally I prefer to see apps like this as much as possible.

From each scene you can go back to main screen and choose another one difficulty level.

What else I like in this game: even if you took incorrect puzzle piece and put it in the cell, you can complete all picture but you will hear disappointed children’s voices. The child should think where exactly he/she was wrong and correct the picture. So this game trains a dimensional thinking also.

No In-app purchases. No In-app advertises. Just a clean amazing app for your kids 🙂

I think this app is definitely deserves 5 stars. Especially since it’s FREE!


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