Chugga 123 – counting and colors for kids



Chugga 123  ($0.99, iPhone/iPad) is a new educational app for small kids of 2-7 years old by developer Monte Gifford Design, Inc. 

From the beginning I want to say what I liked.

– the way how the developer introduced himself: we are a family of geeks. All their applications are created in-house;

– the application has a completely intuitive interface. Small children can play this app without parents’ help.

So, “Chugga 123” contains three main parts: amount of items, colors and numbers.

1. Amount of items. In the bottom of a screen the child will see what kind of items he needs to find and how much of these items he has to put.  For example, you have to feed the elephant 9 peanuts amount different 15 items. In the bottom of the screen it’s written 9 peanuts. Funny moment! The elephant picks all peanuts and shoots them on the hippo. There are ten scenes in this part.

2.  Colors. In the bottom of the screen a pointer shows one of six colors, and the child has to choose one subject of this color. There are six scenes in this part.

3. Numbers. The scoreboard written a number from 1 to 10, and the child needs to put on a train one cube with the correct number. Accordingly, in this part 10 scenes.

This application is fully interactive with animated heroes. Next to every button of three parts the child can tap the question mark to get visual manual. From every part of the app you can back on the main screen and choose another one part.

Interface of this app is completely intuitive, because the app contains easy instructions and a pointer showing what actions you need to make. Intuitive interface – this is one of the main requirements for children’s’ applications.

I would like to mention a very important point. The first time I reviewed this app I have not found a mute button. Now you can on/off sound in the upper left corner. It was my suggestion not only as reviewer but as mom’s also. The development team corrected this app in 12 days!  It means these people really create their apps with a big love. Always nice to know that. Monte Gifford Design, Inc. created a set of Chugga games, and I’ve got a pleasure to test one of them.

Special thanks to the developer for a quick response to customers’ requests and for the quality apps. Chugga123 got the 5 stars!


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