Mini-U: Riddles. Nice and useful for kids

Mini-U Riddles screenshot


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Mini-U: Riddles ($0.99, iPhone/iPad) is the one more app for kids from developer PopAppFactory. The book have made in classical style with minimalistic graphics and beautiful fonts. All riddles are arranged in series. It is easy to flip pages – you can choose next or previous riddle by arrows.

Almost all riddles are written in verse form for easy memorization. You can read the riddles yourself or tap button “Play” under each riddle and listen to how it sounds right. The answer is situated in the top of the screen, and it’s hidden behind rectangle. Just rub with a finger and listen to right answer! Answers are drawn and voiced.

This app has in-app purchase. So if you like this nice app, you can unblock 80 more new riddles for $0.99. From any page you can turn back to the main screen and start from the beginning.

Mini-U: Riddles can be useful not only for parents but for kindergarten teachers. This app develops attention, logical thinking, sequence of thinking. Excellent opportunity to prepare small children who will rather go to school for the first time, because they need to learn have hearing information from the teacher.

This app in English but I’m sure it can be useful for all kids who speaks other languages and studies English. They will listen to and learn the correct pronunciation. The app is accompanied by pleasant music.

I gave this application 5 stars  🙂

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