Mini-U: Tongue-twisters. Training of speech

Mini-U Tongue-twisters


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Mini-U: Tongue-twisters ($0.99, iPhone/iPad) is the new app by developer PopAppFactory. This development team has a very much apps for kids in their arsenal, and I’ve got a pleasure to review of them in the third time.

From the beginning want to say that ‘Tongue-twisters’ is a special book because it was created for creative children, who see themselves in the future actors of cinema or theater. Everyone knows that actors are obliged to work on their speech – it needs to be spoken fluently, well-worked diction and language to work properly in the truest sense of the word. The earlier children begin to work on their diction, the easier it will continue to master the art world. Perhaps developer wanted to show this app from other side but I show my own impression. Of course, children who don’t dream of art world but care of their correct beautiful speech may love this app too.

Now is more detailed about the app.

Mini-U: Tongue-twisters is designed in the same style like Mini-U: Riddles – the same pleasant music, the same beautiful fonts. The book is in English so Tongue-twister  is maximal useful for English-speaking children. But if your child’s native language is different, this application provides an excellent opportunity to improve language skills for those who are learning English.

Inside of this app you will find 65 tongue twisters, and you can get more 135 tongue twisters for $0.99 using in-app purchase. One page is the one tongue twister. Every page contains timer to improve pronunciation speed, recording and playback buttons, list button where you can see personal records of your child – date, time and recent advances. The list of recorded tongue twisters is clickable, and you can check the progress of your child using Playback.

I think this app deserves 5 stars definitely.


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