Pili Pop – English learning games for kids

Pili Pop_screenshot

Pili Pop_icon  Today we return to the game, which you all know by the name of ‘Babble Planet’ by developer Swasa. My first expirience of using this app is reviewed here.

Now this game has a different name Pili Pop and a new price $6.99 (iPhone/iPad). But in the game now more opportunities! Here are added two new levels – Japan and Kenya. If you are good parents and want to improve Speech pronunciation skills of your child and expand his English vocabulary, then this app is for you.

The application ‘Pili Pop’ is designed by language experts. So you can be sure that your child will get the best experience in learning English. The game has a unique speech recognition technology, which gives the child feedback. Thus, the baby will be able to practice again and again until he reaches the good level of pronunciation.

There are 4 levels (India, Mexico, Japan, and Kenya), 24 different games and 350 English words in this app.

Main themes: fruits, vegetables, colors, clothes , weather, animals , body parts , sports, family members, numbers , rooms , food, plurals, adjectives .

I think you understand that exactly these themes schoolchildren begin to study in English lessons in all schools of all countries. There is undoubtedly a good vocabulary in this app!

Besides a good knowledge base, with this game you get:

1. Speech recognition tools.

2. Innovative audio dictionary.

3. Listening and communication skills.

4. Identifying sounds and their meaning.

5. Monthly reports for you to understand what level your child is reached in the study of English.

6. Create multiple accounts for a child.

 And also! Important points:

– No third-party advertising.

– No in-app purchases. Parents shouldn’t worry about in-app purchases while children enjoy this app.

– Including parental gates.

I have tried the app ‘Pili Pop’ and advice it all of parent and all of teachers. I know for today many kindergartens are practicing learning English in many countries. The earlier a child begins to have hearing nonnative speech, the more success he will achieve in language learning. And it gives him a better chance of fluency in the language in the future.

The app is a real winner in ‘Parent’s Choice Awards 2013’!

2 Responses to “Pili Pop – English learning games for kids”
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  2. I have also used Pili Pop kids English game on my iPhone. I really enjoyed this article.

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