Magic Advent Calendar — Interactive Christmas Countdown

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Magic Advent Calendar ($2.99, iPad/iPhone) is the new app for kids of 2+ years old by developer Andrew Orlov.

Languages: English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian.

While you are waiting for Christmas, take a dip in a fairy tale. Every day offers new heroes, new surprises and gifts:  toys for decorating a Christmas tree, a harness for Santa Claus’ reindeer, fireworks. You will even have a magical letterbox. You can send greeting cards to all your friends.

You can play this app every day. Play in the snow in the winter forest, feed the animals in the forest. You can even visit to Santa Claus! Every day you will find something new. Child will be delighted.

Do you want to do something with your own hands? It’s easy! Just go to the section “Do It Yourself “. There you will find a lot of recipes, instructions for Christmas crafts and new ideas how to make holiday bright and colorful.

The app is very useful for kindergartens. Teachers can take from this app the ideas and teach children make crafts with their hands. And the children will give their parents at home. Best gift for children’s parents – is a gift made with own hands.

This application is good not only for children but also for parents. Moms can make cookies or other holiday recipes from the application. And the child will be happy. Or parents can help your child make crafts from the application. “Magic Advent Calendar” is actively involved in the relationship between parents and child.

It’s great that there is an application, which will be remembered the most magical moments of Christmas. Find a lot of interesting things, create your own fairy tale for your kid, and enjoy the holidays.

Let’s go to wait for Christmas with “Magic Advent Calendar”!

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