123 Crazyfingers Numbers

 Crazyfingers screenshot

Crazyfingers_icon   123 Crazyfingers Numbers ($ 0.99, iPhone/iPad) is an app for kids of 3+ years old by developer JakoLab Srl. Also the app is suitable to youngest kids who just start to learn numbers.

From the start you can choose your language – English, French, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish. And you can on/off background music. If you forgot you choose your language on the main screen you can change it on any next page tapping blue button at the bottom.

Every new scene contains the one number. Kids should colorize it by finger. When the number is completed it will be voiced. And you will see balls the number of which corresponds to the current number. Child can play and toss balls. Then go to the next scene.

If you don’t wish to start from the beginning next time, just tap blue button at the bottom and click on picture ‘123’. There you can choose quick access to desired scene. But I have seen miniature screens only from 0 to 19, and can’t choose any screen after. That’s why I gave this app only 4 stars. Because I will have to go all the scenes anew starting from the number 19. It is inconvenient.

Overall, the app is nice and easy to use, and develops coordination skills. Children can learn the numbers’ names 5 languages ​​other besides their native.



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