A trip to the moon – unusual adventures

Trip to the Moon_sreenshot

Trip to the Moon_icon

A trip to the Moon ($0.99, iPhone/iPad) is interesting book for kids aged up to 6 years old by Italian developer JakoLab Srl. The book is available in 5 languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.

From the beginning I want to say that this book is unusual. This is not scientific facts adapted for small kids. A trip to the Moon is fantastic fairytale about team which went to the Moon and found a whole bunch of adventures! The book is voiced, so kids can listen and use the app without parents. But I advise parents to use this app with children together just to see the crazy imagination of developers. It’s really incredible.

All items are interactive from little stars to big elements. The book is in constant interaction with small readers. Every element is a surprise! I tested the book a few times, and every time I was finding new interactive elements.

The book is fantastic because of aliens who’re living on the Moon. Personally I think that parents should explain their children this moment. ‘Cause if your children will look at the Moon, they can think that aliens are really there. 🙂

Can I advise this app? Yes, definitely. I’m sure you will return to this book again and again.

5 stars!


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