Number Bounce for kids aged 3-8 years

Number Bounch screenshot.


Number Bounch_icon Number Bounce ($ 0.99, iPad) is an absolutely new educational app for kids by developer Divergent Thoughts Pty Ltd.

In a base of the app are the bouncing balls and the numbers, the basic concepts of mathematics and a simple interface. There are 2000 game variations and 3 levels of difficulty in the app – easy, medium, and hard.
The friendly number grid allows kids to see and hear the numbers. Number Bounce is sounded in the Australian language. But if you want to change the Voice Settings you can switch to other accent – American, Irish or South African.
From the beginning you’ll be given the option of completing an interactive ‘Learn How’ tour. If you miss this stage just click on logo company in the bottom right corner and go back.
Kids have to drag the bouncing balls to the matching answers to hear the numbers and earn stars. On the friendly number grid kids can see and hear the answers.
This app is created for kids of 3-8 years old. So preschoolers can learn the numbers and train their fine motor skills. I advise you to switch off the Multitasking Gestures in Settings. It will avoid unwanted switching between apps.
Elder children can learn the counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, number types and basic sequences.
Number Bounce is universal educational app for using by kindergarten teachers and primary school teachers. It’s really ease to use by kids, and we are glad to know something new about educational apps for children.

One Response to “Number Bounce for kids aged 3-8 years”
  1. Number Bounce is available for free from the App Store from 24/04/2014 to midnight 26/04/2014!

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