Tatadada: fun Summer – fun journey!

Tatadada Radio_screenshot

Tatadada Radio_icon

Are going on vacation with your kids? Take along Tatadada Radio (FREE, iPhone\iPad)! Free musical app for small kids designed by developer Tatadada LTD.

Child is difficult to sit still long way. And if the child is about 2 years old, any route seems too long. Dad is driving; Mom took many toys that are bothered even at home. Don’t take a bunch of toys that take up space in your luggage. There is a fun alternative to brighten up the journey – Tatadada Radio! It contains a vast collection of children music from all around the world in four languages. Just tap “Play” and enjoy your trip. Mom can have a rest, and child is happy.




Tatadada Memo_icon Also, I can advise another one app for the trip from the same developer Tatadada Memo ($0.99, iPad). Tatadada Memo Lite  is free.

The app is about matching cards and pictures, designed for kids aged 3 years. It contains 3 different scenarios, develops attention, logical thinking, reaction speed, fine motor skills.




Tatadada Memo_screenshot2

I think developers Tatadada LTD done a great job creating these apps. A child can spend fun time with advantage in the car during a way, and parents are happy!


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