MyTeeth • all inclusive. Learn to care of the health



MyTeeth – all inclusive ($1.99, iPhone/iPad, iOS 7 or later) is a new educational app by developer Vogelbusch & Co.

This app is created to make the dull task of brushing kids’ teeth fun and interactive. A few months ago Apple has chosen MyTeeth for the iPhone 5S spot „Parenthood”.

Every parent knows how it’s difficult to teach a child to use a brush tooth correctly. But we have to do this because health of internal organs, too, depends on the health of the teeth. So, Vogelbusch & Co team offers you qualified help. MyTeeth has “A How & Why Dictionary” with current medical knowledge, a how to teach your child, guide for parents, description of the brushing methods, and many useful & crucial tips.

In the morning just choose your virtual helper – boy or girl to brush with, set up needed setting and put your iDevice in the bathroom, and your child will mimic of his new friend playing the custom music. Your child will learn how many seconds he should brush his teeth on each side. You can choose different tooth brush and much more settings:

– Step-by-step Guide for parents in our How & Why section

– 4 Brushing techniques: Simple brushing, Circular, Red-To-White, Bass Method

– 2 Orders: Pedagogical and Classic

– 4 Characters: Linus, Lisa and Lenia … more to come

– Tooth brush buddies can be left or right handed

– Settings per toothbrush buddy possible

– Optional background music while brushing

– Play custom music.

The app has no In-App purchases. Languages: English, French, German, Italian.

There is a free version MyTeeth with In-App purchases and you can buy every new character for $1.99. But free version contains all the same setting like paid version, and you can see the effectiveness of the app in action.

MyTeeth is a very useful app for parents and kids. Let’s care of the children’s teeth together!

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