LAMI find notes: Children’s Ear Training! Music for kids

LAMI screenshot

LAMI_icon LAMI find notes: Children’s Ear Training! Music for kids ($2.99, iPhone|iPad) is the new learning musical app for kids by developer Christophe Defaye.

Languages: English, French, Japanese, Romanian.

Let me call this app just LAMI in this post 🙂 So, LAMI app shows a very interesting idea – the way to introduce children with the music. Heroes in the app are unusual. They are live musical notes! They train musical hearing, show the methods to build harmonious simple chords by getting to know each other. They will let you hear even sharps and flats, and you can understand sad and fun musical chords thanks to them.

With the LAMI app children will learn names of musical notes, and where they live on the lines. Every note has got an own color. When it sounds, it starts to move. So children will know exactly how it sounds each note and on what line it is always located.

You can watch animated series (10 episodes of two minutes) on the website or YouTube Channel and learn to play simple melodies, for example “Happy birthday” or “Jingle bells”. Also children will hear instruments and animal sounds.


Game 1, Find Notes: Find the right pitch from instruments or animal sounds. 80 levels.

Game 2, Play Music: Create your own melody with instruments and animal sounds.

Game 3, Scoring Game: Endless game. Become the best in the game center. 40 achievements.

No in-app purchases.

Learning LAMI app is useful and interesting, and it deserves 5 stars.

2 Responses to “LAMI find notes: Children’s Ear Training! Music for kids”
  1. Hello,
    I own and operate a music school in Los Angeles, CA ( and our young students really like LAMI Find Notes app- happy notes+happy melodies+fun to play= #happyStudents! Thank you.

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