RIDE, Learn language, vocabulary puzzle


RIDE_icon RIDE, Learn language, vocabulary puzzle (free, iPhone|iPad) is the new second educational app by developer Christophe Defaye. I should say this developer loves kids very much. Because his apps are funny and they bring pleasure to children and a nice mood. Christophe Defaye uses unusual ideas creating his apps. In the first app LAMI he has shown us live musical singing notes. Now he placed the animals on different types of vehicles!

So, the RIDE app is interactive picture book. It offers to learn names of animals and vehicles in 10 languages: English (USA and GB), French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Romanian, and Russian. Experts say that a child under 9 years old is a specialist in language acquisition. Later, the brain mechanisms of speech become less flexible, and about 10 years of age children has to overcome many obstacles. It is easier for young children to learn how to pronounce the sounds other than their mother tongue. Moreover, they often demonstrate a phenomenal ability to remember words or expressions, which adults can’t even dream. The RIDE app is created for kids 4+ years old. That’s why parents can be sure that their child will not only enjoy playing this app, but will get a great benefit too.

Kids can make 270 combinations of puzzles with 24 animals and 12 vehicles. That was funny to see giraffe on the tractor or frog in the space rocket, but anyway you will hear a child laughing definitely! It is so interesting to see the next unusual idea by Christophe Defaye 🙂


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