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How to get review
Send us App Name, App URL, App video URL, age group, valid price, description and a promo code for testing app.

How much you need pay for review
This all is free because our goal here is to help to find useful applications for kids. But we ask to set the following link or our Company logo from your resourses to our blog. It would be fair.

You have to remember
If you want to promote your app on our Facebook page, you need send us a few codes to promote your app on our FB Page – giveaway for our readers. Our audience – kindergarten teachers, educators and just loving parents. So they can find your apps as useful for their kids or students. Apps for autism are encouraged too.
Every new repost on the Facebook page is the new promo codes.

Where we share reviews

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest.  But you can use all sharing buttons under each review.

Reviews get the stars at our discretion. It is important you would take our suggestion, because we are the same customers like other buyers. We have children who also take a part in testing your apps. As parents we highly appreciate quality applications.

No monsters! Only educational and kind apps for kids. Applications for a whole family are encouraged also. If you provide the SALES for a weekend, welcome to our page. Our readers love free apps.

Do you have any questions? Please fill out the form below. We will response as soon as possible.




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